Scalp Micropigmentation Cost in Miami

Scalp Micropigmentation or hair tattoo on a bald head Miami

A lot of people have chosen scalp micropigmentation as it is the only permanent hair loss solution that offers reliable results and its cost is a lot more affordable if compared to other hair restoration procedures. The treatment is a very technical and intricate procedure, think of individually imitating the look of your natural hair follicles and inserting pigment into them. This is why SMP requires a very skillful hand to perform the task with the guidance of cutting-edge technology.

On average, the cost of scalp micropigmentation in Miami, Florida can range from $1,800 to $3,200+, depending on the results you want. However, the exact cost you have to pay can either be lower or higher which depends on a number of factors. The key price contributory factors include treatment size, your skin type, the density of your real hair and any scarring you want to hide. Let’s take out each of these factors to help guide you to decide.

The Size of Treatment Area

How big or small the area in your scalp to be treated is the biggest determining factor that influences the final cost of scalp micropigmentation. This means the degree of hair loss you have and the size of your head. So, it goes without saying that if you fall in the early stages of male pattern baldness, the procedure will cost lower than treating a bigger area related to later stages of balding.


A happy client with Scalp Micropigmentation Miami

The sad reality with male pattern baldness is that it is inevitable and it gets worse as men age. In the early stages of balding, you might notice hair at the crown of your head starts to thin. This is when the first stage of hair loss is called baldness. As you further age, you will see more dramatic hair loss at the sides of your head that usually leaves a triangular island of hair at the front part of your head with a more balding spot at the back of your head.

As you have seen better days of your life, or when you approach the later stages of baldness, you would notice that your hair continues to recede around the sides of your head until only some strands around the sides and back of your head are left. This forms the famous horseshoe pattern.

If you are not suffering from male pattern baldness but from other conditions that cause you to lose hair like patching and thinning, the same calculation will be followed. The price should be determined by getting the cumulative size of the area in your head to be treated and the degree of hair loss you are suffering from.

Your Specific Skin Type

Another determining factor that can affect the cost of a scalp micropigmentation is your skin type. If you’ve got normal skin, then you might be lucky as other different skin conditions usually need special treatments that can affect the cost of the scalp micropigmentation.

For instance, flaky skin, very dry skin, damaged skin, extremely sensitive skin, and other skin issues like acne and moles would require more care and time. The same goes if you have very thick skin as it will also necessitate more time to treat as more pressure is necessary to insert the pigments into the deeper layers of your skin. All these conditions add up to the overall treatment time and effort to achieve the results you want.

One more thing that can affect the amount of time needed for the effective procedure is getting another hair treatment like a hair transplant which creates new skin at the spot of new grafts. This skin is very soft, making it more fragile to treat but these two treatments are a great combination to achieve so much better results. However, your scalp micropigmentation technician should know about it to get optimum results.

Benefit of Scalp Micropigmentation for thin hairs Miami


The Presence of Scarring

If you have scars on your head that you want to hide with SMP, it may also need extra consideration and time from your technician. Moreover, scarring does not allow hair to grow in the affected area, which means special accommodations should be done to make it possible to mimic your natural hair stubble.

If you have light scarring, then a normal scalp micropigmentation plus a specialized technique of doing the treatment would be enough to conceal it. But if you have a severe or more pronounced scar, the expert might have to focus on treating it first prior to performing the SMP. Or perhaps an alternative pre-treatment might be recommended. Either way, you can expect to pay a little more than the usual price of SMP in Miami, Florida.

The Density of Your Hair and Style You Want

You might be interested to know that despite a full head of hair, the hair density of one person varies a lot from another person. Take for example the difference between a redhead and a blonde. The former usually have fewer hair follicles than the latter with tens of thousands of more strands.

Hair Tattoo or Scalp Micropigmentation Miami


In order to achieve the most natural-looking results, the natural fullness and distribution of your hair should be considered. But scalp micropigmentation can also be used to fill in even your existing hair to make it look denser if you want. In this case, though, you have to pay a little more.

Finally, the hairstyle you prefer to achieve will also dictate the density of scalp micropigmentation you need and the time the technician needs to achieve your desired look. If you opt for a classic fade look, then more density is required and so additional treatment time. Conversely, if you prefer a wet shave style, less time is needed as it is a light treatment option.

So, there you go. These four things work together in affecting the exact amount of scalp micropigmentation cost in Miami, Florida. However, apart from the price, one very important thing you have to be more concerned about when it comes to SMP is to ensure that you pick the best artist near you. Only in this case that you will get what you pay for.

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