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Scalp Micropigmentation on a bald head Miami

Are you exhausted and feel like giving up on looking for new ways to hide and camouflage your hair loss? We completely understand your frustration and want to help in any way we can.

Many people suffer with hair loss for different reasons such as alopecia, pattern baldness, medications, stress & hormones. To disguise this hair loss, they will go through numerous invasive and surgical procedures to try regain their self-confidence. Unfortunately, there is no cure for hair loss, but here at Dermesthetica we have the world’s leading solution for hair loss, scalp micropigmentation.

This non-surgical, non-invasive procedure is changing the lives of millions of people suffering with hair loss across the world.




Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP for short, is a highly advanced technique of cosmetic pigmentation for men and women. While it works very similarly to traditional tattooing, SMP is unique in many ways and is on a different level to body art we’re used to seeing. The term itself is actually a blanket concept that is coined to describe a minimally invasive treatment that is best for those who are experiencing hair loss and other hair thinning problems. You might confuse it to other similar terms such as hair tattooing, tricopigmentation, and hair follicle replication. Essentially, they are just the specific terms used to refer to the same process and technique of scalp micropigmentation. SMP is the utilization of specialized tools and products like needles, pigments and a highly customized machine that is used to inject the pigment into your scalp. The main goal of the procedure is to create and mimic the look of your natural hair follicle. It can perfectly replicate the appearance of a freshly shaved head by giving an illusion of a shadow of stubble on the scalp or can add density to thinning hair.


The entire scalp micropigmentation treatment is typically completed within 2-3 sessions, depending on the results you want to achieve. Here is the step-by-step process of the procedure.

Step One: Consultation

First, you will need to attend an initial consultation appointment. A personal consultation with your technician is the best way for this to be done, but if you are unable to attend the studio, you may do it through a phone or online video chat. This step should never be skipped. The consultation is to help the artist and client have a full understanding of the treatment and what results will come from the treatment. Our experts will help guide you in making your decision as to what hairline best suits you and will walk you through the process. More importantly, we will come up with a plan of action in order to identify the steps needed to achieve your desired goals.

Step Two: First Session

This is when the scalp micropigmentation treatment starts. Pigment is implanted into the scalp using a special cosmetic machine. This gives the look of replicated natural hair follicles. Remember, this first session is to lay a foundation for achieving your new look and although you are guaranteed results after your first session, it may not be exactly what you were expecting until after the second or third session. The day after your first treatment, you can expect your scalp to look a bit red, this is completely normal.

Step Three: Second Session

It is during this second session where the scalp micropigmentation treatment will begin to achieve your desired result. The technician will add more pigment and may possibly go a little darker in shade. They will also fill in areas that may require more detail, such as the hairline. You can voice out any questions or concerns you have about the treatment at any stage of the procedure.

Step Four: Third Session

A third session is usually optional, as it may or may not be needed. If you would prefer to achieve a darker result or the artist believes they can improve the look by adding more pigment, then a third session will take place.

Please keep in mind that aftercare and healing is an incredibly important part of the scalp micropigmentation process. If not followed correctly your final results may be affected.


Scalp micropigmentation works for various people who are faced with different needs for their hair loss. SMP’s buzz cut effect is perfect for those who have failure with topical or oral treatments, pattern baldness, alopecia totalis, etc. On the other hand, the density effect of the treatment works great if you want to transform your thinning hair into thicker and denser hair.

The procedure for scalp micropigmentation also works well for those with scars on their scalp, either due to injury or scarring caused by past hair restoration procedures. The treatment disguises the scar and can also contribute to healing the injured skin.

Scalp micropigmentation is a remarkably intricate treatment and a form of cosmetic tattooing. With this treatment you can expect guaranteed, permanent results after the procedure. Every client has a unique need for SMP and so the pigment used is perfectly tailored to your specific skin type and color.

In order to achieve guaranteed quality results, you have to get the treatment from experienced and licensed professionals. You should ensure they are using the right SMP machines, tools, and pigments as well as following all correct health and safety procedures.

Though the results of scalp micropigmentation are considered to be permanent, the pigments will gradually fade over time. This is why you will need to come in for a touch up around every two to five years, depending on the look you want.

Finally, recovery for SMP is only minimal with most patients resuming their daily routine straight after their treatment. A little redness or mild swelling might occur in the treated area immediately after treatment. This is nothing to be concerned about as it is completely normal and will only last for a couple of days at most. After that, you can enjoy the new, rejuvenated look you desired.