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While hair loss is commonly associated with men, it can also impact women. A woman can suffer from hair loss due to many reasons or experiences they have. It can be due to alopecia, surgery, childbirth, perhaps other reasons as many other medical conditions can also cause women to experience hair loss. Thank goodness there is scalp micropigmentation (SMP), a proven hair loss solution not just for men but also for women.
Women do not usually experience hair loss the same way men do, it is very rare for women to experience full hair loss. Women typically suffer with low density. Scalp micropigmentation for women in is a fast-growing cosmetic treatment that is offered in many clinics. Though the treatment is pretty much the same, it differs between sexes because of the different goals it aims to achieve. Adding density using scalp micropigmentation consists of implanting pigment in between the existing hairs to reduce the contrast between the scalp and skin. This then creates fuller, thicker looking hair.


Got any questions about whether Scalp Micropigmentation is for you? Here are some of our frequently asked questions to help you out…

For scalp micropigmentation for men, thousands of tiny pigments are being deposited into the scalp to replicate the look of a full head of hair, shaved to a short length. On the other hand, the case of scalp micropigmentation for females is different. The treatment is typically done on the scalp to eliminate or reduce the obvious contrast between the natural hair and the scalp skin.

Such a difference is so crucial as it totally changes the way the technician would perform the procedure. Once a male experiences baldness, he usually loses his hair in a set pattern called male pattern baldness. This involves a recession of a man’s frontal hairline and thinning of hair on his crown. It is then followed by the eventual onset of complete baldness.

Conversely, when females lose their hair, the common result is diffused thinning which causes their hair to thin across their entire scalp evenly. However, unlike men, it is almost impossible for women to go completely bald with their frontal hairline remaining intact. This is where SMP becomes a great solution to address your thinning hair problem.

The SMP technician works through your scalp by repeatedly parting your hair section by section while inserting pigment into your scalp, between the hairs, in the pattern of the natural hair growth. Scalp micropigmentation for women is a very intricate process. Nonetheless, in the hands of an experienced artist, the end result is a perfect work that makes it hard to see the difference between your natural hair and your scalp. Done correctly, this makes your hair look much thicker than normal. Please visit our SMP blog to learn more about the treatment.

In terms of the procedure, it takes around 2-3 sessions of scalp micropigmentation for women to achieve desired results. Each of the treatments usually lasts 2-3 hours but it varies, depending on your preferences. The process of inserting the pigments into your scalp can be repeated until you are satisfied that the resemblance of fake follicles perfectly blends with your natural hair.

In general, scalp micropigmentation is life changing for those who are suffering from hair loss. It provides an effective solution to hide or totally conceal the problem. For women, the aim is to reduce the contrast between the hair and the bare scalp.

The end results of SMP for women, greatly depend on how skillful the technician is, your own expectations of the treatment, the suitability of the treatment plan that is created during the consultation and how well the aftercare was followed. Color treatment and other processes are considered during the consultation, are not a barrier to getting SMP and can all be resumed after healing. When those things are carefully considered, the result of the SMP will be entirely undetectable to the untrained eye. People will ask you what you did to your hair, noticing it looks better, without noticing the procedure.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a safe, non-invasive and fairly painless process. For this reason, it is ideal for almost anyone. However, there are a few medical conditions that can prevent you from being a candidate for the procedure.

These include:

Chemo or Radiation therapy

Pregnant or breastfeeding

Immune Deficiency

Infections, Herpes Simplex, ulcers or open wounds on or near the treatment area

Cardiac or circulation issues

Uncontrolled Diabetes or blood pressure


Your SMP Artist will go through your medical history with you prior to treatment.




Safe, non invasive, no anesthesia and little to no pain.


Undetectable to the naked eye. Restores confidence and nobody will know you had anything done.


No more powders, toupes, or hats.


Cover up scars, uneven skin tone/hyperpigmentation or thinning spots.



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